The Regroup Membership API is an exciting new way to import users into the Regroup system.

Using the Regroup standard user import format (first name,last name,email,user id,telephone number,group id,database id) you can export the user data from your database in XML format and post it to a secure URL directly or by posting a text(txt) file.

Once the data is received the users will be processed immediately. All of our standard .csv processing rules apply to the API as well.

In addition, the membership API allows you to retrieve data from Regroup in order to synchronize back to your database providing you with a two-way membership import that will improve data accuracy between the two systems. 


With the Membership API You Will Be Able to: 

  • retrieve data: user changes within a given time period, admin permissions, and more
  • instantly process and manage your users
  • create and manage groups via API (create, purge, delete)
  • approve pending requests (pending topic and membership requests)

 For more information on how you can add this new feature to your network please contact Regroup Support.

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