SARS Messages

Web-based automated messaging system for sending appointment reminders and broadcast messages via email, text messaging, or both

  • Automated reminders to students of upcoming individual and group appointments through linkage with SARS Anywhere
  • Option for students to cancel appointment
  • Option for students to opt out of receiving future messages (with text messaging component)
  • Follow up messages to no shows
  • Broadcast option for important messages, such as overdue fees

The SARS integration allows communication to flow automatically when needed without relying on a person or user to manage the system. 

Communication to and from your students and staff can be tracked using the API to view responses.

With SARS API you  are able to configure, schedule, and send:

· Emails - confirmations and notifications

· Texts – confirmations and notifications

· Emails – missed appointments

Using the SARS API for waitlist notifications. 

When a student requests a course that may be full, they are placed into a queue and informed of an opening when the course availability is updated. This is done via PLSQL package that uses the API to send xml data to create the required message.

Regroup needs to update urls on their end to complete the setup. (SARS MSGS can be installed on the eSARS server)

We require:

  • A postback link: http://YOURWEBSITE/SARSUtils/SMS_Receive.aspx
  • IP address to be whitelisted 


Example XML

<?xml version='1.0'?><sms><body><![CDATA[TEXT MESSAGE]]></body><phone>1XXXXXXXXXX</phone><asid>xxxx</asid>  </sms>

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