There are required and optional fields to create a Group or Groups by CSV

The complete file looks like this (click to enlarge)

A total of 13 columns

This is a template file. (File - Download As...)

Required Fields:

Column A - Group Name
Column B - Group Category (1 to 23)
Column C - Group Type (1-2)
Column D - Group Privacy (1-3)
Column E - Description

Please visit this article for basic group creation guide.

Optional Fields:

Even though the information in these columns are optional, the column themselves must be represented in the file with at least a null value.

Column F - Location Name
Column G - Default Group
Column H - Unrestrict Emails
Column I - Digest Emails
Column J - CSV Processing
Column K - Show Topics RSS
Column L - GroupID
Column M - Approval

For a detailed description of each of these columns Click Here 

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