Creating a basic group via the csv is very simple.
Create a new csv file and use the first 5 columns.
(If you would like to create a group with all the available options Click Here)

The columns for the group csv should be as follows: 'Name', 'Category', 'Type', 'Privacy', 'Description'

*Note that the headers are for visual aid here and not to be included on the csv

*Note: No need to specify network as your sftp account is directed directly to your network. 

These columns correspond to the required fields for group creation on the site.

Without all the fields containing a valid entry, the group will not be created. All columns need to be comma delimited as seen below:

Group Name

This is the column where you will include the name of your group. This cannot be changed at a later date. This is a alpha-numeric field. On the site it corresponds to “Group Name:”


This column uses the numbers 1-16 to designate the category the group belongs to. The order of these numbers corresponds to the order on the site:

1  - General
2  - Classifieds
3  - Class Year
4  - School Status
5  - Field of Study
6  - Residence
7  - Greek Association
8  - Club
9  - Course
10 - Sport
11 - Careers
12 - Emergency Alerts
13 - Schools/Colleges
14 - Branch Campuses
15 - Institutes & centers
16 - Offices & services
21 - Parent
22 - Community

Group Type

This column uses the numbers 1-2 to designate group type as corresponds to the list on the site.

1 - Open Discussion
2 - Announcement-Only


(You need to leave 8 columns blank please go to this article for more information)

1 - Approve
0 - No approbe


This columns uses the numbers 1-3 to designate the privacy settings for the group as corresponds to the site.

1 - Public
2 - Private
3 - Secret


This column allows you to enter a group description which corresponds to the description field on the site.


Once you create a group via CSV, all network administrators are added to the group by default. You can remove the network administrators from the groups by navigating to the users table within the network settings page and selecting admins. From here you can select view/edit groups of the desired network administrator and remove them from the group(s).

Once you have created your group csv, simply upload it to the groups folder inside your upload folder on your SFTP.


Once your file is processed, several things happen:-Your groups will be created
-A confirmation email will be sent to your networks administrators
-The original file will be moved to the done folder
-A file will be created in the ‘Group_Response’ folder inside the done folder called
‘group_response_ ‘the timestamp of your file’. This file is important since it contains each groups ID, email address, and group name for your records or for adding users to the groups in future uploads.

*Refer to this article for additional group CSV options

*Refer to this article for the format of the group response file.


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