Regroup gives you the ability to upload contacts into the Regroup system with minimal information or more extensive contact information. The column format is the same for both but many fields are optional. So it depends on the amount of information you want to provide in the contact record. This will determine what fields need to be populated.

Minimum information required to import a person's contact information into the system is: 

FirstName, Email, GroupID

Other fields, such as LastName, UserID, Phone#, Database ID, Address, Custom Fields, Location Name and Show All Groups are *not* required information.

For a full explanation of each column and its content Click here for the PDF


Cellphone numbers must listed as cell phone's. 

  • Another words designate when loading users.

Example: 4445554321|verizon|3|44|cellFirst place holder 10 digit phone numberSecond place holder carrier (Optional not required)Third place holder message types 1 (text only) , 2 (voice only) , 3 (both text and voice) (Optional not required)Fourth place holder Country code (Only required when not in the USA or Canada)Fifth place holder phone designation (cell, home, work, other) 

But because this is an automated process we do require all the columns to be present in the file, even if they have a blank value.

The system allows you to add as many Email addresses and Phone numbers within the designated fields as desired. Each item should be separated by a semi-colon.
Example within the Email field:;

Please use the following format for the data in your columns:

Example File:

Remember to save .CSV (coma separated values)

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