Once you have extracted the data from your third-party database and formatted the data into the Regroup required format, you are able to connect with Regroups secure FTP (SFTP) to upload the CSV files. Once this is set up, it can be automated with crone jobs or APIs. (For help automating upload process see Automate file upload to Regroup SFTP Server)

Set up the SFTP site to quickly upload files as follows:

Sample SFTP details:

Drag and drop files into the appropriate upload folder. 

When uploading user files, you would place the file at the root of upload.

The upload folder also contains two additional subfolders. Groups where you would place a file for group creation and modification and Campuses (or Locations) for the creation of locations via CSV.

File Name Format
You are welcome to use any file-naming convention, but we recommend the following format:



Unique filenames help for future troubleshooting and prevent overwriting files if they are put into the same folder. 


  • Column headers are not required for your .csv.
  • A column can be skipped (Null value, if listed as optional) but it must be represented.

Click here to see the different types of csv files Regroup will accept for Membership, Groups, Locations.

Another important item to consider is how you want Regroup to process your files this can be found by following this link:  SFTP Processing Styles

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