Mapping capabilities

Please note that we accept files in the following formats:
Shape file(s): are usually a zip format containing multiple files with extension .shp .sbx .shx Layer - You have to provide the layer url 

Essentially a map layer is an overlay on your map that contains specific information.
For example a layer that shows where all the fire hydrants are in a city. Or show all public building, etc.

From the POST page click on Choose recipients via map:

To draw a Polygon shape on the map click on Polygon button under the list of drawing tools. Then click on the map where you would like to place the first vertex, extend the line to where you would like to place the next one and continue until you have your shape. When you are finished, double-click on the last vertex and the polygon will automatically close. All of the users within the given shape will automatically be pulled from your network into a list under the map. From there, you can de-select any users you don't want to receive the message.

To ERASE the polygon or start over at any point, click on Clear Map under the list of tools. 

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