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This option is available 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday - Friday. Please be aware that once you are in the Regroup platform you can always use our chat feature, which is available on every screen of the platform. This allows you to chat with Regroup Support directly and answer any questions you may have in real time, while you are logged into the platform.

Also please note that all links that follow can be found at

Group Creation: Please create all the groups you would like to have on your Regroup Network, there is no limit to the number of groups you may have. We do recommend that you create a test group if you have not done so already. Please keep the name of the group limited to fifty(50) characters or less.

How to Create a Group via Website

Group Management:

How to Delete a Group via the website

How to Find the Group ID via the website

How to Change group settings via the website

Adding Users:
Your Regroup Network accepts an unlimited number of users. Please see the below link to add users in manually to a group.

How to add Users to a group via the website

Managing Users:

How to Super Login as another user to see what they see

How to Edit user permission for a group

Searching for member information via the website

Edit Primary Email address

How to Export Users or members in a network

Post a Message:

How to post a message via the website

How to create a Template

How to Schedule Messages

Questions? Be sure to contact a Regroup representative here for more information or use the chat feature within the Regroup Platform or Call  855-REGROUP Option 2

If you would like to schedule a training call Click Here

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