To map the AD Sync, we need:

  1. IP addresses enabled
  2. AD connection details
  3. LDAP/AD account with read access
  4. Create and add Regroup attribute to Importing groups

Regroup IP addresses to be Enabled:

Example of AD Connection details:

Example 1: CN=Regroup Services,OU=Domain Users,DC=xxxxx,DC=local
Example 2:IP: 2xx.xx.xx.xx:389 

Username: regroup
Password: xxxxx
Base: DC=schoollabs, DC=edu CN=Users

Please set a field for each AD group that you want imported into Regroup called "regroupID" that is Boolean. Please set the value to TRUE for these groups.

The process will automatically fetch the groups from AD with the attribute "regroupid" set to "TRUE" and create them in Regroup. Then the process will scan for the users in the group and import them into the Regroup group.

The following details are fetched from the AD into our db for the users:

phone numbers(home and mobile)

A Microsoft Technet Article explaining the same:<>

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