Regroup allows you to send a pre-recorded messages out as a Voice Alert. The process is very similar to posting a standard message and just as simple.

Select Post a Message:

Select Calls (TTS/Voice) in the left menu.

Scroll down to Post a sound file (recorded message) section of page:

You have two options available to post your voice alert recordings

1. Record the message using a phone call

  • Enter Recording nameĀ 
  • Phone number (to receive the call and record message)
  • Type your script, so you can follow it while you're recording the message

Once done click Call Me to begin the recoding. Then the file automatically gets added to the list. Select the sound file voice alert you would like to send and click POST:

2. Upload a Recording

  • Enter Recording name
  • Select the file you want to upload
  • The file specifications are .WAV, 16bit, 10Mb Max size.

Once you're done click Upload.

Once you're done with your upload you can select from a list of recordings to post the message.

And click Post to send your voice alert.

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