Regroup’s integration with NOAA allows notifications to be sent from NOAA automatically to the group of your choice or end users who opt-in for this service.

National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is a USA National weather alert service that sends out weather alerts based on location. For more information, refer to this link

Administrators of Regroup can enable NOAA Weather Alerts from the Group Settings page so that all members of that group will receive automated weather notifications for whatever county they are in.

Similarly, this service can be enabled by the end user from their Preferences page. By selecting specific or all weather events, the user will receive automated alerts for their county based on the address they enter into the Regroup system. 


Activate NOAA Alerts for a group

Navigate to group Settings:

2. Scroll down the settings page until you see GROUP SETTINGS: 

  • NOAA Events – Select the types of weather events you want your end users to be informed about. 
  • Counties – Select a county or several counties from which weather alerts will come from.
  • Post-Via – Select how these weather alerts will be delivered.

Activate NOAA Weather Alerts through the Preferences page (for end users):

Go to your profile page:

Scroll down to the bottom of the main page to Weather Options:

 Check the box to Enable Weather Alerts and then select what alerts you would like to receive - to select multiple alerts, hold control on a PC or command on a Mac and click on the alerts you want. Make sure to click SAVE at the bottom of the screen

Quiet Hours

  • An admin can enable this feature by checking "NOAA alert settings, including NOAA Events, Counties and Post Via" in Group Settings. An admin can select quiet hours for each NOAA event type
  • Quiet hours can apply to one or more days of the week (admin makes one selection per NOAA event)
  • An admin can apply quiet hours to a specific post method (user makes one selection per NOAA event)

An admin enables the quiet hours for the selected NOAA event and post methods by clicking check box under quiet hours. Upon clicking check box the admin sees where they can select time and day(s)


After the initial NOAA alert, any further alerts that share the same noaa_alerts.event (SAMP CAP URL) will be suppressed for 12 hours (per group).
This means that once an alert is received for a specific incident any further duplicate messages for this alert will be suppressed.



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