Up to 50 participants can join a conference call initiated within the Regroup platform.

  1. Click on New post button at the top of the page and then New Conference Call:

From the Conference Call page,
Choose Location (option will appear if activated)
5. Choose recipient Group(s)
Enter the Caller ID and the introduction message that will be played to participants when the call is connected:

Dial in Instructions

In addition to calling the contacts in the groups, information to join the conference call can be emailed and/or texted to members.

  • Send an email with dial-in instructions
  • Send a SMS/Text message with dial-in instructions

8. Click Post and the conference call will start by calling the initiator or host of the conference, stating: "Please wait while we start the conference bridge"

The system will then call the members of the group to add them to the conference. Once the call is connected to a user, the system will read the TTS message as composed by the host. The system will then ask the user to press 1 to join the call or # (Pound Key) to decline and hand up.

The conference call is ended when initiator hangs up.

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