You can connect to Facebook and Twitter accounts for specific Groups or the entire Network.

NOTE: If Facebook and Twitter accounts are set up at theNetwork Level then ALL messages posted to the system will be posted to your social media connections regardless of any setting made at the Group Level, so it is not recommended to do so. 

Connect a Group to Facebook or Twitter: 

  1. Navigate to the group settings page by clicking on All Groups, and then the name of the group you want to connect:

Next select the settings button in the dark blue region of the page:

2. Scroll down to Social Networks
3. Add Facebook Accounts or connect to twitter
4. It saves automatically 

Connect Facebook and Twitter profiles for the entire network: 

  1. Navigate to Network Settings page by selecting network settings under your profile picture:
  1. Click on the Social Tab in the left-hand column

3. Click on connect to Facebook or Twitter
4. Select Post style
5. Click save changes

To post a message to social media accounts that are now connected:

  1. Click the POST box at the top of every page:

   2.  Then click on Facebook and/or Twitter in the right-hand column and whatever message you compose shows up on the social media selected:

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