Auto translation feature allows end users to receive posts in user's preferred languages instead of the original language the posts were written in. 

Network Configuration

Network Admin is able to enable/disable post auto translation at network level.

Network Settings – General

Once enabled auto translation options on "Send Standard Post" page and default enable/disable setting in "Post Settings" page are visible. End user is able to choose preferred language to receives text messages on registration page and on a user profile page. 

To streamline the post process admin is able to set default enable/disable post auto translation settings in "Post Settings"

Posts – Manage Posts – Post Settings

End user configuration

End user is able to select a preferred post language upon registering via any default embed (sign up page) provided by Regroup.


End user is able to set preferred post language in user profile. *If the user did not select preferred language, the user will receive the post in language admin composed in, not in any translated language.


Group/User imports

User "preferred post language" settings can be modified via CSV upload from the WEB portal or using a database integration.

Send standard post

Admin is able to enable/disable post auto translation. Its initial value on this page is the same as the settings in "POST Settings". Admin is able to view auto-detected language the post is written in, and correct the language auto detection if needed.

Once the recipient’s group is selected a sender is able to see the list of languages that the post will be translated to based on recipient groups' user preferred post language list. Admin is able to preview/edit/save/cancel each translation by selecting target language.

Admin is also able to remove any specific language translation for current post.

Once the message is sent, it is possible to view the content of each language on the post page

As well as get detailed information for every recipient on reports page

Email report: 

Sms Report:

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