BlazeCast is a cross-media unified notification and paging solution that is designed to meet the communication needs of different organizations, from schools to hospitals, corporations to retail chains.

PA System BlazeCast Integration

Regroup allows you to send a notification to the Blazecast system from within the Regroup interface. 

This notification can be sent to SMS, Email, Voice, IP Phones and Desktop notifications.  

  • Trigger different broadcasts from a security system when an intruder is detected
  • Broadcast that calls each person on the security team and conferences them together.
  •  Broadcast that sends a page to select speakers.
  • Broadcast that calls the security staff, and at the same time sends a PC alert to PCs in the security office. 
  • You can either set up broadcasts in BlazeCast ahead of time to be triggered by the 3rd party system


  • User: Username of valid user on BlazeCast system
  • Password: Corresponding password on BlazeCast system
  • Blazecast URL: URL including port (if not port 80) of BlazeCast system
  • Blazecast Group ID: The group you would like the broadcast to be made on. 
  • TTS license for blazecast
  • Whitelist IP's:

Regroup Set Up

Navigate to Network Settings

Navigate to integrations

Select Blazecast Integration

Enter: Username, Password, and URL

Click Save.

Once configured correctly, you will now see the availability of this communication channel on the post page.

  1. Check this area to activate the blazecast form on the post page
  2. Choose the Blazecast local group you have set up on Blazecast
  3. Choose the message type for Blazecast
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