Access the analytics report for email

Email Analytics Definitions

- Depending on the email engine you are using this may change. -

Event Status Definitions:

  • Delivered: Delivered
  • Opened: Opened
  • Clicked: The email recipient clicked on a link in the email. 
  • Unsubscribed*: User’s must currently unsubscribe via Regroup web portal, unsubs are not tracked, meaning that filtering by this event type will always yield no results. *We’ve left Unsubs on this page to allow for ease-of-implementation in the future 
  • Complained: The email recipient clicked on the spam complaint button within their email client. Feedback loops enable the notification to be received.
  • Bounced: All Soft bounce events.  Soft-bounce means the system will retry to send the message (each time a message retries it creates a new soft-bounce event)
  • Soft-Bounce Note: In the case of a bounce the system will retry to deliver the message only if the bounce was both Immediate and Soft. After several unsuccessful attempts the system will quit retrying in order to maintain Regroup’s sending reputation.
  • Dropped: The system has received hard-bounce or received soft bounce multiple times - no longer trying to send 

Summary Breakdown

  • Unique Opens: Total number of users who have opened the email
  • Opens: Total number of times the email was opened by any user
  • Device Type: Tracks device type: (tablet, mobile, desktop, other, unknown)
  • Device OS: Tracks device OS: (android, linux, windows, ios, os_x, unknown)
  • Email Client Type: Tracks email client type: (unknown, mobile browser, email client, browser, other)
  • Email Client: tracks email client (safari, android, unknown, firefox, mobile safari, apple_mail, chrome, other)

Table Columns

  • Email: Recipient email
  • Event: Shows latest email event
  • Date & Time: Shows time latest email event took place Ex: event = clicked - will reflect when the user clicked 
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