Regroup allows you to create an unlimited number of groups. 

Watch the instructional video here.

This article will cover creating a group using Regroup's website, with links at the bottom of the page to create groups via CSV or API.

To start, click on GROUPS at the top of the page and select Groups from the dropdown menu.

From the All Group page, click the Create a Group tab.

Fill in each field as outlined:

  1. Group Name- Type in the Group Name you would like with a limit of 50 characters. Please select carefully once created you cannot change the group name, the system will automatically create an unique email address for the email in posting click here for more info
  2. Category- Use the drop-down arrow to choose a category for your group. It is important that you understand how categories work on the Regroup system. If you choose "Emergency Alerts" the Regroup system will send out all Text/SMS messages to this group on our Emergency Alert shortcode 51664. Any other category will send text messages out over a short code 30890 or XXXXX.
  3. Description-  This area allows you to describe what this group is being used for and will appear on the groups home page.
  4. Group Type- You have two choices for this area. Announcements Only- With this group type, Only Group or Network Administrators are able to post to this group type. Open Discussion- Any member of the group can post and respond to messages in the group.
  5. Post Approval- This feature is available so that if you wish to have EVERY post approved by a Group Administrator before it is actually posted to the group members. With this box checked as soon as a new post is created, an email will be automatically sent to the designated Group Administrators that are authorized to approve the Pending Post. The Administrator will then need to approve the posting before it is sent to the members of the group.
  6. Privacy- This area is with regards to whom can see the group as listed on the All Group page. Public- Anyone that has access to the Group page can see this group and Join it without any type of permission necessary. Private- The group's name is visible on the All Group page as well, BUT you must request permission to join the group. When permission is requested, an email goes to the designated Group Administrator for membership approval. Secret- This group is hidden on the All Group page, unless you are a group member of the secret group, a group administrator for the secret group or a network administrator.
  7. Create Group or Save Group-  If your network does not require approval by a network administrator to create groups you will see the Create Group tab. If approval is required you will see the Save Group tab. If you Create a Group, the system will create the group you have requested and bring you to the Groups new home page. If you Save the Group, an email notification is then sent to the designated Network Administrator(s) to approve the group. Once approved you will receive an email notifying you the group is now available.

Please note that once a group is created you have many other custom setting options. Simply go to the settings page for the Group and you will see these options. 

Note: Groups can also be created using CSV files and or API's. For creating a group via CSV Click Here. For API group creation Click Here.


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