How to Create an RSS Feed For a Public Group
Simply navigate to the home page of the group you wish to create an .RSS feed for. At the top of the web browser, add .rss to the end of the url and click enter. Depending on your browser, it may load the .rss page immediately, or if your browser requires an .RSS reader, it may ask you how to wish to use the .rss feed.

 How to Create a .RSS Feed for Private and Secret

For these special types of groups there exists a unique token code which grants permission to the application to post RSS messages.  The token code can be found on the group settings page shown below.

To correctly configure the RSS feed please add .rss?token=token code after the URL as described above. For example the RSS feed for this group would be

For more information on how to display RSS feed on your web portal please see the following article.

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