Anyone can join a group by texting in, instead of having to register via a web embed or the database integration option. Text-in to join a group using a unique keyword or the word "Join" plus the group ID.

Text-in to join using a unique keyword 

Set the option to use a unique keyword to text-in to a group from the group settings page: 

To set a keyword for a group simply navigate to group settings page of the group. 

From there, select TEXT SETTINGS

The keyword is a single word and must be unique for each group i.e. no two groups can use the same word.

Then simply enter: 30890

As the phone number you want to send a text to, and enter the word "join" and the keyword, with a space in between:
join + space + keyword

Text-in to join a group using the group ID 

Enter 30890 as the phone number you want to text. Then enter the word "join" and the group id, with a space in between: Join + space + GroupIDnumber

The group ID number can be found on the Group Settings page for the desired group.

Group ID:

To find a group ID, navigate to the group settings page:


Once the users are added into the system you can delete them using the database integration CSV file.

To delete users:

In the Group ID column, you can use the following additional codes: 

Group ID = 00000

With this method, you can easily remove members from a specific group bulk.  
To remove the user from one group the input would be 00002;GROUPID1. Additionally, you can remove a member from multiple groups by adding a semi-colon after the group id followed by another Group ID to be removed.
Example: 00002;GROUPID1;GROUPID2.

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