Add users to groups by entering their contact information or let them know with an invite. Both ways adds them automatically. 

Find the group homepage by navigating to the top menu of every screen and selecting groups:

Select the title of the group you wish to view and then select Group Members from the left-hand column, and then Add Members

You will then be presented with a pop-up window that asks how you would like to add them:


  1. Invite
  2. Add manually
  3. Upload CSV

Option 1 INVITE

With this option you can invite people to join the group, by simply adding the email addresses you want to invite. They are automatically sent an email with the invite, but if you want to edit the welcome message, click the box next to Welcome Info and the following options appear:

Once you're done click Add



Cellphone numbers must listed as cell phone's. 

  • Designate when loading users.

You must have to go to the user profile and change it to Cellphone.

You are able to add up to a total of 500 email addresses separated by semi-colons commas at one time. If necessary you can repeat the process for additional users. 

NOTE: If the users added to groups are NOT already part of your network, and you only add email address, that will be the only way they are notified.

We recommend option 3 the upload .csv file for new users, since this will give you the opportunity to make sure all your users information is added all at once.

FURTHER NOTE: If you upload phone numbers do not use dashes (-) or any other character, only numbers.

Option 3: Upload a .csv file

Create a .csv without column headers with user information. Click on "UPLOAD CSV" from the add members pop-up box:

Check the Welcome Info box if you would like new users to receive a welcome message and then choose the .csv file you want to add from your computer. 

When you click Upload, you will be presented with the menu where you can choose the headers for each column in your file from dropdown menus:

Then click Submit to process the file. You will receive verification that your members were uploaded in the top, right-hand corner of your screen.

NOTE: a maximum of 4000 users can be added per file upload on the web, unless you have an SFTP account.

ALSO: Members can also be added using API and SFTP

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