An advanced user is able to see all the groups on the network, even the groups associated to different locations and private/secret groups. The advanced user must still "Request Membership" for private/secret groups to receive messages from those groups.

When uploading a user via CSV or API, you can choose what groups and locations the user can see, by setting the "showAllGroups" function in the CSV upload or API to a 0 or 1.

0 = only allows the user to see the groups that are associated to the location or are not associated to any location

1 = allows the user to see all the groups on the network whether they are part of a location or not.


firstNamelastNameemailuserIDphonegroupIDdatabaseIDaddresscustomFieldcampusNameshowAllGroups Mike Doe jdoe optional optional optional  optional  optional  optional  optional(1/0) 

Example :

Mike,Doe,,jdoe,14151234567,XXXXXXX,mdoeDBId,123 Main St.|New York|NY|United States|12345,custom field1|custom field2,southern campus,1






If a user already exists in the Regroup system you can change the rights of the user from Normal User to Advance User via the web. 

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