As a Network Admin you have the ability to manage user accounts. 

  • You can add/delete them as members from certain groups. 
  • You can delete them from the network completely. 
  • You also have the ability to make them a Network Administrator or Group Admin on the fly. 
  • Any Network Admin can also assign permissions to post to IPAWS to a normal user.

You can alter the group administrative privileges (see below), but a full Group Admin can:

  • post notifications to the group
  • edit contact data for users in the group or delete them
  • access reports for posts made by the group
  • upload new users to the group
  • Edit group settings for the group

Manage members and make members a Network Admin

To manage members from the website, go to GROUPS - Members.

Here you can "Search this table" for the user you are looking for by first name, last name, email address or 10 digit phone number.

Select the actions dropdown next to located user (hover over the empty space) 

Here you can remove the member from the network, make them a Network Admin, or enable them to send IPAWS messages.

To change their group membership, or edit the users contact info, click on their name in the list to pull up their profile page:

Then click Edit to edit contact data. Click Add to Group to add them to whatever groups you want and make them an admin or normal member:

Make a member a Group Admin and Change Group Admin Privileges

To make a member a Group Admin, go to the Groups page and click on the title of the group:

Then click on Group Members in the left-hand column of the page:

Hover after the name of the group member you would like to make an admin and select from the dropdown menu:

Once you make them an admin, you can further edit their permissions by clicking the drop-down menu and selecting Admin Settings:

A pop-up box will appear where you can select what privileges you want the user to have:

Check the appropriate boxes and Save.

IPAWS: Integrated Public Alert & Warning System, General Info

Through the Department of Homeland Security, the US government created a public alert and warning system that can be used by state and local government authorities to notify the public of critical events.

Regroup is an IPAWS originator, this means IPAWS does not have a native interface  to send out notifications and can only be accessed via an IPAWS compliant CAP Alert Origination software sold by companies like Regroup.

IPAWS is simply a notification dissemination tool that allows authorized users to connect to the IPAWS cloud messaging system to send notifications to TV / Radio, Cell Phones, and other supported devices during a critical event. 

State/local governments, counties, tribes, territories and even agencies at the federal level can request authorization to send messages to the IPAWS cloud. Once IPAWs receives the message, it sends it out to various outlets, including the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and the Wireless Emergency Alert System (WEA). 

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