To find user details, you can search the entire network or look for members at the group level.

Search network:
At the top of all pages are the main menus. Click on GROUPS and select members from the dropdown list:

Next, from the All Members page, find the searching glass in the upper right corner of the page.

You can search First Name, Last Name, Email address or Phone number
(Please note the phone number must be 10 digits, no spaces, brackets or dashes)

NOTE: to search network, you must be a Network Administrator.

Access Group Member Information:
Navigate to the group page by clicking GROUPS from the menu at the top of any page:

Then click on the group title you wish to see members of:

Click on All Members in the left-hand column and all members of the group appear:

From here, you can sort members by admin or regular members by clicking the dropdown menu next to All Users, at the top right hand side of the list:

From either admin or member list, click on the name of the person who's details you would like to see:

To edit user information, click on the edit button on the top right portion of the list:

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