You can create, edit, delete, and view templates from the Manage Posts page:

CREATE a template directly from the Manage Posts page by clicking + New Template:

Then fill out the template form:

Choose who has access to the template (just yourself, all admins or only specific groups) and click save:

You can also CREATE a template from the POST page, the same way you would create one to post, but check the save as a template box at the bottom of the screen:

When you check the box, a pop-up box appears where you create the template name and have the option to save the template for just yourself, all admins or only specific groups:

Click SAVE and you will receive verification that your template has been successfully completed in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Then you can send choose to send the message right away or leave the post page.

-Only the administrator that created the template will be able to edit or delete template.

EDIT, DELETE and MANAGE templates from the Manage Posts page. To get there, click on the POSTS menu from the top of the page and then Manage Posts:

Here you will see a list of all the saved templates you have access to:

EDIT or DELETE any template by hovering over the empty space next to method in line with the template you would like to alter:

If you choose EDIT, the template for appears from which you can edit anything, and save:

If you choose DELETE, a pop-up box will ask you to verify, and just click ok:











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