NOTE: You must be an admin to create, edit and delete scheduled messages.

Click on the Post a message button at the top of all the pages:

Create the message you would like to schedule the same way you create a message to be sent immediately. (LINK HERE)

Then at the bottom of the post page you will see a check box to schedule for later:

When you check the box, a pop-up window will appear where you can select date and time you want the message sent at:

Then click save, and your message is ready to go at your chosen time/s.

Editing and Deleting Scheduled Messages:

Click the dropdown menu next to POSTS at the top of all pages and select manage posts :

Then click on Scheduled Posts in the left-hand column of the page and the post title you want to change:

Then from the message summary page that opens, click the trash can to delete or the edit button to edit:

Click on Edit to open and edit the email and text message bodies or click Edit Time to change the time:

Then click save at the bottom of the screen and you will receive validation message that you have successfully edited your scheduled message.

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