At this time this feature is only available to do manually. This will not add people through the CSV process.

So you import users with custom fields. 

Then you would go manually to the group and set up the filters and run them each time you need that group updated. 

NOTE: This option must be activated on your network by Regroup.

Filtering via Network Custom Fields.

Navigate to Group Settings

Choose the Custom Fields User Filter from the members section

Once chosen you will see the following screen

  • You can not sort by the same custom field more than once in a filter.
  • You must click the red button at the bottom for the system to run the filter.

Choose users from an existing group which we call a Master Group. Once you have chosen a master group you have the ability to set filters which will extract members from the Master Group membership and import them according to the Custom Fields you have previously created on your network into this group.

Filter Level 1: This is where you choose your first filter from the custom fields you have previously set up on your network.

Filter Level 2: (Choose another pre-existing custom field)

Click Save

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