This is a list of Regroup Email servers to be whitelisted on your firewall and email system (if applicable).

It is very important that you have your Email Administrator or other IT Professional in your organization whitelist the following list of email IP addresses:

IP Address whitelisting for clients with in-house email servers (MS Exchange servers, Postfix etc) 

SPF Records for clients who use their own email address as sender

If the client uses their own email addresses as sender (From) instead of Regroups group assigned email address, it is strongly recommended that the client add a DNS TXT record to authorize Regroup to send emails on their behalf. For example, if client wants Regroup to send emails with email address "" as sender, you need to add following DNS TXT record

  • rails/  DNS Record Type: TXT, Hostname:, Text: v=spf1 -all


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