Emergency templates


Shooting: There has been a report of an active shooter close to the library. Avoid this area! All individuals on campus should stay inside their current location. All facilities on campus have been secured. Do not allow building access to anyone without a valid UNIVERSITY ID. Police and Security officers have been stationed at certain points on campus to direct traffic and assist individuals. Police are on-scene investigating. Follow the link in the text message for more information and stay alert for updates on the incident.


BOMB: A bomb has been found on campus inside building 2. If you are in the vicinity of building 2, prepare immediately for possible evacuation. If you are not in the area, stay away. Listen for instructions from university officials and/or local authorities and follow them quickly and carefully. Repeat, a bomb has been found inside building 2


HOSTILE: A hostile intruder with unknown intentions may be on campus. Be aware of your surroundings, secure yourself behind locked doors, find other shelter or leave campus immediately. Follow instructions from emergency or other university personnel. Please limit phone use so phone lines are available for emergency messaging. Standby for additional messages regarding this incident.

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