Regroup to Alertus

This section describes how to configure both systems to allow Regroup to activate Alertus endpoints.

Network/Firewall Changes

In order to allow the Regroup Application to communicate with the Alertus Server, port 8280 must be WAN accessible from the following Regroup server IP Address:

UNITED STATES ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (


Make the above changes to your Windows and/or Network firewalls.

Firewall rules must still be in place to restrict access on port 8280 from IP address other than the ones listed above. Otherwise, the system will be vulnerable to malicious activity, such as activating the system with false/unauthorized emergency messages. In windows Server 2008 you must create a firewall rule allowing access to port 8280 from the above IPs


Alertus Server Configuration

A configuration change to the Alertus Server is also required. As an extra precaution, the Alertus system validates all incoming SOAP requests to make sure they are whitelisted in the server configuration. 

The following line (use the appropriate country version for USA/CANADA) must be added/edited in the C:\alertus\conf\ file. Afterwards restart the Alertus Server application.


soap.alertusMiddlewareBasic.allowableIPs =;;;;;;;;


soap.alertusMiddlewareBasic.allowableIPs =;;;;;;

If the Alertus Activation Software displays error messages such as "Unauthorized Access errors" or "Received an unauthorized web service request from the following IP . . ." the system is letting you know that the network firewall rules are configured properly but the Alertus Server has NOT been configured.

Regroup Configuration

Sign into Regroup to add your Alertus API URL to your Regroup network. To do this you will need to navigate to your Network Settings.

Once on the Network Settings Page select INTEGRATIONS 

Scroll down to ALERTUS

Enter your Alertus URL.

Your Alertus Hostname indicates where your Alertus Server software is installed.


Launching an Alert in Regroup to target 3 Alertus Groups using the "All Clear" Alert Profile.

After you have entered your Alertus API URL you are ready to send a message. Please navigate to the post a message page, select which method you would like to send out your notification including Alertus. Select the Alertus Profile and Alertus group you want to send to, then select the Regroup group you would like to send to. Next compose your message and select post.

Once posted, your notification will go out to all of the Alertus devices associated with your profile and the Alertus groups you selected. The notification will also go out to the Regroup groups you selected via the methods you selected on the post page.

Please see the Regroup documentation for further setup instructions.

Regroup Settings

regroup.enabled = true
regroup.debug = false
regroup.webservice.timeoutMillis = 15000

Save the file after making changes and restart your Alertus Tomcat Service.

Configuring an Alertus Alert Service to activate a Regroup Group

Alert Service Configuration

The Regroup Integration is configured and managed using Alert Services. The alert text sent via Regroup is the same text used by the Alertus alert.

  • Log into the Alertus Console and navigate to Congfigure System -> Alert Services
  • Click on the "Create a New Alert Service" button
  • Click the Service Type dropdown and select Regroup Message (Group)
  • Populate the Service Type Specific Settings as follows:Subject - Subject of the Regroup messageGroups - Select Regroup groups that contain the targeted recipients for the alert. To select multiple groups hold down the Shift or Ctrl key while left-clicking with the mouse.Email - If 'Yes' then the alert text will be sent as an email to included recipientsSMS - If 'Yes' then the alert text will be sent as a text message to included recipientsTTS - If 'Yes' then the alert text will be converted to TTS and sent to included recipients as a phone callFacebook - If 'Yes' then the alert text will be pasted to Facebook (requires configuration in Regroup)
  • Click the "Add Alert Service" Button

You can use multiple Regroup Alert Services. Simply create a new Alert Service or a clone an existing one for each recipient/alerting method combination you wish to use from Alertus.


To activate Regroup from Alertus simply select a previously created Alert Service when launching an Alert. These Alert Services can be added to pre-configured Alert Profiles and Preset Alerts, or specified on the fly when using a Custom Activation.

If your organization is using Alertus Panic Buttons the Alertus system can be configured to notify personal recipients in Regroup when the button is pressed. Simply add the Regroup Alert service to the Preset Alert associated with the panic button.


To ensure your Alertus Server can activate Regroup during an emergency, every couple of minutes the Alertus server verifies it is able to establish a connection with the Regroup server. If the Alertus server is unable to connect to Regroup or the Regroup Server returns an error, a Regroup System Error will be generated. This error will remain until a successful Regroup communication occurs, clearing any current errors.

If your system reports a Regroup System Error look at the detailed error message to determine if this a transient connection error or a larger configuration error. As a first step we recommend checking that you can log into Regroup from the Alertus Server (this checks the status of the Regroup service and the connection between the servers). Often it is helpful to view the Alertus Middleware log on the Alertus Server for more information. For advanced troubleshooting consider editing the c:\alertus\ file, setting the regroup.debug property to true, and restarting the Alertus Tomcat Service.

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