To set up Alertus Integration within Regroup it´s necessary to add the Alertus API URL to Regroup network. 

Alertus Server Configuration

A configuration change to the Alertus Server is also required. As an extra precaution, the Alertus system validates all incoming SOAP requests to make sure they whitelisted in the server configuration. The following line (use the appropriate country version for USA/CANADA must be added/edited in thec:\alertus\conf\ file. Afterwards restart the Alertus Server application.


soap.alertusMiddlewareBasic.allowableIPs =;;;;;;;


soap.alertusMiddlewareBasic.allowableIPs =;;;;;;

If the Alertus Activation Software displays error messages such as "Unauthorized Access errors" or "Received an unauthorized web service request from the following IP . . ." the system is letting you know that the network firewall rules are configured properly but the Alertus Server has NOT been configured.


Step 1.

Navigate to Network Settings within Regroup by selecting Admin Settings from the top right then selecting the network.

Step 2.

Once on the Network Settings Page please scroll down to the field titled Alertus API and enter your Alertus API. Once entered please click save at the bottom of the page.

Note - you will have whitelist our server IP addresses so that we can communicate with Alertus  

UNITED STATES ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (


Make the above changes to your Windows and/or Network firewalls.


Step 3. After you have entered your Alertus API URL you are ready to send a message. Please navigate to the post a message page, select which method you would like to send out your notification including Alertus. Select the Alertus Profile and Alertus group you want to send to, then select the Regroup group you would like to send to. Next compose your message and select post.

Once posted your notification will go out to all of the Alertus devices associated with your profile and the Alertus groups you selected, in addition the notification will go out via the methods you selected for Regroup and to the groups selected for Regroup as well. 

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