Once the PowerSchool integration is activated on the network, the integration settings will be active.

To set up Regroup integration with PowerSchool :

  • Sign in to the PowerSchool admin portal as a System Administrator.
  • On the start page, choose System from the main menu. The System Administrator page appears.
  • Click System Settings. The System Settings page appears.
  • Click Plugin Management Configuration. The Plugin Management Dashboard page appears.
  • Click Install. The Plugin Install page appears.
  • Download the plugin installation file(plugin.xml) from here.
  • For the Plugin Installation File, enter or select the plugin installation file (plugin.xml).
  • Click Install. A confirmation message appears. The plugin appears in the Installed Plugins section on the Plugin Management Dashboard page.

Integration Set up

Navigate to Settings


Navigate to the Integration Settings section

Enter PowerSchool credentials:

  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • Host URL
  • Import Time
  • Time Zone

Plug in XML example:

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