The process is:

  1. Regroup enables the Powerschool Integration for the network.
  2. On network settings page, Admin can add the Powerschool Credentials (Host Url, Client ID and Client Secret) by following the instruction given on the page. 
  3. System imports the data from the powerschool and save it to the regroup database (locations, groups, users) as regular regroup entities.
  4. Admin can view the imported data (locations, groups, users) on regroup web under the related sections. 
  5. From Post page, user can post the messages to the groups.

NOTE: User can also import data by clicking on the link available on network settings page. 


Settings Attendance Time for Location

  1. Import Users and Staff from PowerSchool: This link is avaiable on Network Settings page. 
  2. After Import process complete (it make take few minutes.) Locations should be available for the network. 
  3. For each Location , Admin can set the "Attendance Time", on with Regroup will fetch their attendance data and will send the late notifications to the parents. 
  4. We have added a Script to execute the Attendance Process.

NOTE: We are currently working to add a Cron Tab for the attendance process, So that every minute it will check the location attendance time and will execute the Attendacne Process for the location.

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