The below walk-through assumes you are familiar with Regroup’s service and that the Regroup groups are already setup, if you have any question please go to the Manage Regroup Section Here

Below is a very general outline of the setup and how the Regroup integration works with SA-Announce. (You must activate syn-apps before being able to connect here an instructional video from syn-apps)


1. You will need to setup the Regroup service within SA-Announce.

You should have received a URL from Regroup that looks like this:

2. On the settings tab, you can enter this above URL information. (We’ve hidden the api_key for security purposes)

3. On the Notification Recipient page, you can set up your Regroup groups and settings.

  • The Group ID(s) is where you enter your Regroup group(s), separated by commas.
  • The Subject is the subject of the message you will send.
  • The Send options are the Send options that Regroup gives you: Email, TTS, SMS, Facebook. You can select as many as you’d like.
  • The Body Text Override gives you the option of sending an alternate message, different than the one sent as the group notification.

If you choose to override the default message, Normal and Emergency Alert group emails will look something like this:

Because a Normal group has only audio associated with it, there is no text sent. So, if you choose not to override a Normal group message, a Normal group email will look like something this:

An Emergency Alert group will look slightly different, since there is typically text included with the alert. Below, the text from the Alert is shown at the top of the message. 

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